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High Quality Ingredients = High Quality Taste

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"I've always had a strong belief in eating as close to clean as possible, using high quality ingredients & reducing the amount of trans fats, preservatives, & processed foods.  High quality ingredients are not only better for you, but they TASTE much better!  It started when I became a Mom, living in London years ago, a block away from Portobello Market where my husband & I enjoyed walking through the stands, buying fresh fruit & veggies.  I started bringing them back to our little flat in West London, creating recipes. 


When we had our daughters, this evolved into making fresh baby food for them & it continued to become a habit to just make most things from scratch when I could, bringing the gourmet home to our own kitchen. At The Singing Baker, all of our delicious items are made from scratch, using fresh high quality ingredients.  Premium chocolate from Ghirardelli & Godiva, fresh fruit from one of our favorite local places, Bedner's Farm Fresh Market, just to name a few.  Baking fresh means no mixes, pre-made frostings/fondants, & trans fats.  Not only does eating from scratch provide health benefits, it tastes so much better!"

Our harmony of flavor combinations are sure to be perfect for your next event.

To place your order today, kindly text me at 561-870-4053 with your name, email address, desired treat & desired pickup/delivery date.                      

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