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To place your order, kindly fill out the form below for one of our delicious delights. 

We kindly request a minimum of 7 days advance notice for most orders. 

For specialty or custom orders, we kindly request 10 days advance notice. 

  We can arrange for pickup or delivery within North Broward & South Palm Beach County, FL.  Extra delivery charge may apply for orders outside of Boca Raton, FL or Rush Order requests.  Thank you.

Order your Gourmet Cake or Treat today!

Delivery Only Available in Broward & Palm Beach County, FL


Thank you for your order! I will be in touch shortly to confirm receipt of payment & get you closer to that first slice!

Pay Electronically via Venmo/Zelle:

Kindly send to 561-870-4053 or


You may also pay by Mastercard/Visa/Amex.  Please note that credit cards will be accepted with Additional 3.6% Square processing fee

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