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  Spreading the love, one cake at a time, let The Singing Baker treat you to a new Gourmet Cake every month.


Every batch from scratch, from our family to yours.

Delivery for our Delicious Gourmet Cake of the Month Club available within Palm Beach & Broward County, FL.


Prices below based on our Gourmet Cakes that fall under a Regular diet. Do you have a special diet?  Contact me at , as I'm happy to arrange a Customized Cake of the Month Club option just for you.  

July 2021
Cake of the Month
Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Strawberry Shortcake Cake.JPG
  • Do you want to surprise your employees or co-workers?  Treat them with a delicious gourmet cake to show your appreciation !

  • Give it as a gift !  Surprise a special family member or friend to show them your love !

  • Treat your family once a month to a little indulgence.  We only live once, make it sweet!

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Our harmony of flavor combinations are sure to be perfect for your next event.

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